The Islamic Civilizations Studies Ph.D. program is de­voted to exploratory, problem-based interdisciplinary graduate education. ICIVS graduate students work with a faculty committee on specific research questions and theories of interpretation and are encouraged to conduct innovative and interdisciplinary research that highlights trans-regional and transnational connections between the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and beyond. Students accepted into the ICIVS Ph.D. program design their own programs of study under the guidance of fac­ulty advisors. Along with language training that prepares them for textual or field research, they receive training in research methods, historiography, Islamic Civilizations Studies as a field of study, and the pedagogy of Islam and Islamic Civilizations. Like all Emory graduate students they also receive training in research and classroom eth­ics and acquire hands-on experience in teaching through the TATTO (Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity) program. 

See ICIVS handbook for more details regarding policies and procedures.

Core Curriculum
Language Qualification
Jones Program in Ethics
Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity
Qualifying Exams and Dissertation

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