The Islamic Civilizations Studies faculty at Emory University includes scholars whose interests encompass many areas and disciplines and are internationally renowned for their reputation and wide breadth of expertise. The ICIVS Ph.D. program has a particularly strong profile in Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies, and many faculty members are considered among the top scholars in their fields. Currently more than 25 scholars from across Emory University serve as core faculty in the ICIVS program.


The ICIVS Ph.D. program accepts 2-3 new full-time students each year. Students pursue a wide range of career goals, mostly in academia. Depending on their program of study, they can compete with students in the top U.S. and international programs in Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures, Judeo-Arabic Studies, and Political Science and Anthropology with a regional concentration on the Muslim world.