Current Students


Rahimjon Abdugafurov

Educational Background:

2013 MA in International Studies
University of Wyoming

2004 Masters in Education
Vanderbilt University

1998 BA Equivalent in Oriental Philology
Namangan State University

Research Interests:
Muslim views about non-Muslims, specifically Christians and
Jews; Islamic law; Islamic mystical theology; Islamic
humanism; constructive theology; Islamic philosophy


Donohon Abdugafurova

Educational Background:

2014 MA in Education
University of Wyoming

2002 BA Equivalent in Uzbek Philology
Namangan State University

Research Interests:
Sufi women from Turkistan who lived in late 18th and early
19th centuries; oral traditions of Turkic people and how
women are depicted


Hamilton Parker Cook

Educational Background:

2013 MA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Brandeis University

2012 BA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
Brandeis University

Research Interests:
Sufism; Sufism in the Ottoman Empire; Qur'anic exegesis
in the Ottoman Empire and beyond; Ottoman history;
Orientalism and Orientalist studies; poetry in the Islamic


Norah Elmagraby

Educational Background:

2014 MS in Sustainability Management
Columbia University

2010 BS in Health Sciences
Dar Al-Hekma University

Research Interests:
Environmental sustainability in the MENA region


Jeremy Farrell  

Educational Background:

2012 MA in Arabic Language and Literature
University of California at Los Angeles

2007 BA in History
Tulane University

Research Interests:
Islamic asceticism; literary constructs of asceticism in
classical and medieval Arabic literature; textual studies
and codicology; poetics of ritha'; modern Arabic poetry;


Isaac Foster

Educational Background:

2012 MA in Music/Ethnomusic
School of Oriental and African Studies

2009 BA in Music/Jazz Studies
University of the Arts

Research Interests:
Role of music and musical practices in Islam; cultural and
religious contestations of authority and authenticity within
Islam; Persian and South Asian sama' rituals


Faiza Rahman

Educational Background:

2017 MA in History
National University of Singapore

2012 BSc in Political Science
Lahore University of Managment Sciences

Research Interests:
Literary history of Shariah in colonial South Asia; Urdu
literary culture; history of Urdu language and literature
from early 18th to late 19th century


Michael Samuel

Educational Background:

2015 JD in Law
Boston College Law School

Research Interests:
Legal, social and political history of Mandate Palestine;
the role of law in national and statehood movements;
the relationship between religious and secular law


Timothy Schum

Educational Background:

2015 MA in Islamic Studies
George Washington University

2013 BA in Philosophy
St. Johns College

Research Interests:

Aesthetics and philosophies of perception of Islamic
thought; mystical attitudes toward physical beauty in
connection with pre-modern religious corporeality in
the Islamic world


Yusuf Unal

Educational Background:

2016 MA in History
Bogazici University

2012 BA in History and International Relations
TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Research Interests:
Ottoman-Safavid conflict and religio-political atmosphere
and corresponding polemic and apologetic literature in
the 16th century


Syed Zaidi

Educational Background:

2015 MA in Islamic Studies
George Washington University

2012 BA in International Relations
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Research Interests:

The influence of Middle and Neoplatonic thought upon
early Islamic philosophical thought; Hermeticism, the
works of the Ikhwan al-Safa' and the School of Isfahan